• API: The API that you want to call. Ex: discord
  • ID: The predefined ID of your product. Ex: dangoweb
  • ENDPOINT: The API endpoint you are calling. Ex: members
  • API-KEY: Your DangoAPI Key for access to restricted endpoints.

How to obtain an API key:

Currently the only way to get an API key is from the DWS Portal.

  1. First, go to and sign up for a account. You need an account to get an API key.
  2. Once you’ve signed into your account, find the “DangoAPI Key” product on the Portal homepage, and add it to your cart.
  3. Make sure you fill out all details, including Discord Account and a unique site ID. These are important for your API account.
  4. Place the order, and wait for approval. Once your order is completed, you’ll receive an email with your API key.
  5. You will be messaged on Discord with questions about how you would like to setup DangoAPI. Please make sure you have your DMs open.

Check if your API key is active

To check your key’s activation status, visit and enter your ID and API-KEY. It will output your key’s status and what APIs it has access to.