How fast?

Speed depends on which service you’re using. Discord, for example, we load data in less than 1 second. The API loads before the page/bot content, giving your users an up-to-date experience.


DangoAPI integrates with the services below, with more coming soon!

  • Discord (Guilds, Users)
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Dango Web Solutions (Websites, Bots)
  • Better Uptime
  • Uptime Robot

How to use

Using DangoAPI in your product is super simple. You can call our API using regular URL - also known as a GET request - using the template below. Any other request methods will be denied.[API]/[ENDPOINT]/[DATA]

Using our old API? Use this template:[DATA]

  • API: The API that you want to call. Ex: discord
  • ENDPOINT: The API endpoint you are calling. Ex: members
  • DATA: The data you send to the API. Ex: all


  • v7: Added Soar CDN x DangoAPI.
  • v6: Added API Keys, API accounts, Key Checker page, Better Uptime, Uptime Robot, and Redirect & Track.
  • v5: Added cors to all requests, discord:members, discord:member, and discord:channels.
  • v4: Added homepage, error page, error code, and headers.
  • v3: Denied GET and POST requests, restricting to URL only.
  • v2: Added discord:allmembers.
  • v1: Setup API with no content yet.