Bot Creation

We make bots for different platforms like Telegram and Discord, but Discord bots are the most popular. If you’re in need of a custom Discord bot for your Discord server, we’ll make one for you! The benefit of hiring someone is that you dont have to spend time making it yourself! At Dango Web Solutions we have experts in Bot Creation that can quickly create a fully functional and engaging DIscord bot for you! There is a ton of customization options and all of the bot is hard-coded and not obfuscated!

Examples Quotes

Here are some examples of what we can do for you! We are not restricted to doing the below, ask us for a custom quote with the features you want!

Ban Database Bot

  • Basic Version: A bot with ban management - ban, unban, all bans, reporting, etc.
  • Advanced Version: User management, ban appeal form, global (multi-guild) banning and reporting.


  • Dashboard for connecting to simple web interface for viewing and managing banned users.

Multipurpose Bot

  • Basic Version: A bot with general utility commands, music, games, etc.
  • Advanced Version: Customizable modules for moderation, entertainment, server management, and extensive configuration options.


  • Dashboard for managing the bot configuration online.

Automoderation Bot

  • Basic Version: Basic profanity filter and spam prevention.
  • Advanced Version: AI-driven content moderation, custom rule configuration, and automated moderation actions with detailed logs.

Ticketing Bot

  • Basic Version: Simple ticket creation and management system.
  • Advanced Version: Multi-guild support, customizable ticket categories, role mentions, and more.


Pricing varies based on project complexity, features, and development time. Please contact for a personalized quote. Prices start at $5-$10 for basic versions and $15-$30 for advanced versions.