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Bot Hosting
Host your Bot

Host your Bot


Bot Hosting is currently in the Experimental stage.

Bot Hosting is how developers run their bots without stopping. We can host your Discord Bot, Telegram Bot, and more.

Connect to DWS

Once you have purchased Bot Hosting from us, contact us in some way and provide your connection details. We use Git to fetch your bot periodically. This allows you to test your bot without publishing it to your official bot. Git can connect with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more. We recommend making your Git repository public, so we can access it easily. If you still would like to use a private repository, make sure either "OGFaisalN" or "DangoWeb" has access to your repository. Please do not use .gitignore to hide files, like .env. If you are using Replit for bot testing, export your Secrets Raw data and send it to us seperately.


Hosting bots requires a good bit of disk space and memory. Check with your current provider to check your bot size. CPU usage is not an issue.

TypeDisk SpaceMemoryCPU

If you have a lot of unused files or packages taking up space, we can get rid of them for you on request.