CMS are only available for DWS-made websites.
Thanks to Agentejo for developing the CMS.
Organizations with $300+ revenue must purchase the CMS’s Pro license.


You may connect a CMS to your website only if it is made by us. You may not connect a CMS to a website made by another developer or business. Violation of this will result in CMS removal, unless you pay for a Pro license.


CMSes are compatible with all DWS-made websites, including plain HTML websites and Node.js web-apps.


Basic CMS payments are paid to us, which go toward paying for the hosting and buying a paid license for the basic CMS. Pro CMS payments are paid directly to us, and then we forward it the required amount to Agentejo. Pro CMS license payments are strictly for the CMS license and hosting costs. Roughly 89% of the $300 goes to Agentejo for the license (Check conversion), the remaining goes to hosting costs and fees we pay to PayPal and Agentejo.


Agentejo offers a 50% discount on the Pro license only for verified non-profits, open source projects or educational institutions.



The CMS comes with many useful features, including:

  • Content

    • Flexible content models
    • Multiple field types
    • Conditional fields
    • Content previews
  • Asset management

    • Cloud storage support
    • Nestable asset folders
    • Main colors extraction
    • Image API for thumbnails
  • Localization

    • Manage content in multiple languages
  • Manage Editors & Admins

    • Invite editors
    • Manage permissions
    • Restrict access
  • Revisions

    • Safely revert content to previous versions if needed.


All features of the basic CMS, plus:

  • Detektivo

    • Easy-to-use full-text search on indexed content
    • Support for custom index types
  • Sync

    • Sync to multiple environments
    • Selective content sync
  • Webhooks

    • Event based triggers
    • Custom headers
    • Custom payload
    • Pause webhooks
  • Layouts

    • Component based
    • Grids for nested layouts
    • Core + custom components
    • Copy & paste components
  • Pages

    • Classic page tree
    • Auto generated routes
    • Multilevel menus
    • Advanced SEO options
  • Lokalize

    • Manage key based language strings
    • Auto translation suggestions
  • Inbox

    • Collect form submissions — easy.
    • Store form file uploads
    • Recieve submission notifications
    • Multiple security and restriction options