Signing up

A DangoID Account allows you to login to all of our services. To get started, head to my.dangoweb.com. Click “Signup Instead”, and fill in all fields. Click “Signup” at the bottom and, if everything looks good, you’ll get a message saying your account was created. You now have a DangoID Account!

Logging in

Logging into the DangoID Dashboard is straightforward. On my.dangoweb.com, fill in your username and password. Using your email will result in an error.

Editing details

If you would like to edit your DangoID Account details, like your firstname, lastname, or email, log in and navigate to the “Edit Account” tab at the top of your screen. Mobile users do not have this option. Once there, you can enter your new desired details. All fields are optional, you do not need to fill in fields like New Password if you would not like to set a new one.

Dashboard sections


This section shows your profile picture, name, role, username, and Portal link.

Discord Account

This section shows your Discord account profile picture and tag. The maximum accounts is 1. You may remove your Discord account from the “Edit Account” tab.

Account Setup

This section shows how close you are to completing your account setup.


This section shows the current date and time using DangoAPI.

DangoAPI Keys

This section shows the DangoAPI Keys you have on your account.


If you see an error page, refresh and try again! As of writing this, the Dashboard has no backend issues.