📅 Published October 1st, 2022 by Faisal N

Server Upgrades

On September 1st, we conducted maintenance for a couple of hours. Web Hosting and Web Hosting Reseller have been upgraded to include more features, one being Git Repos. During this time the DWS Portal, and everything using it, was down. Reports are available on our status page.


Our new login system, DangoID, allows you to login with the same credentials on all our sites, like the Portal and DangoAPI. If you integrate DangoAPI into your product, new endpoints that take advantage of DangoID will be available in the future. Along with these, you can also log in to our new dashboard, https://my.dangoweb.com/. From there you can change your account details (name, username, password, email, etc.). To learn how to get started with DangoID, head over to the docs at /docs/dangoid/.

Coming Soon: Conjure

Need a website, fast? Add a simple script to your bare HTML page (no body or head needed) to get a full website template. You may also want to include another script, where you can add your site details, like title, logo, sections, colors, and more. All generated for you on user request.