📅 Published July 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

DDoS Attack (continued)

The outage log for this update is available here.

The DDoS Attack discussed in our last newspaper re-appeared, causing destruction to our websites yet again. We took 31 DDoS Attacks in 2 hours. The entirety of their presence has served a total of 753.92 million requests.

.ga TLD Shutdown

Freenom has announced that they are shutting down the .ga TLD. Below are the details from InfinityFree.

If you are using using a .ga domain, you may notice that the domain is down right now. The reason for this is that ANINF, the National Agency for Digital Infrastructure and Frequencies of the Gabonese Republic, is reclaiming ownership of the .ga extension and will be managed by the French registry Afnic. They have said “As part of this switch-over operation, several million domain names will be deleted as the previous operator has not provided the data that concern them.” The statement seems to imply that ALL registrations have been dropped, including all free registrations. The statement makes it clear that they have no intent to allow free registrations again, and instead want to focus on customers who want to use the domains in relation to Gabon. Registration services will be resumed at some point and the domains will be available for anyone to purchase. In other words: all free .ga domains are gone and you won’t get them back (unless you buy the domain, presumably).

  • InfinityFree owner, modified.

There is absolutely nothing we can do, please use a free subdomain from us or buy a domain through us to transfer all data. As Freenom is no longer accepting new domain registrations, you cannot register a new domain either.

Websites Affected

Due to this, many of our and our clients’ websites have shut down. If you have registered a .ga domain through us, you have been contacted. Concerning our websites, DangoAPI, SoarCDN, The Dango Group, and more have been deleted. DangoAPI (dangoapi.ga) has been moved to api.dangoweb.com, SoarCDN (soarcdn.ga) has been moved to cdn.dangoweb.com, The Dango Group (thedangogroup.ga) has been moved to org.dangoweb.com, DWS NFT Network (dws-net.ga) has been moved to net.dangoweb.com, and Chat Pivot (chat-pivot.ga, deprecated) has been moved to chat-pivot.dangoweb.com.

DirectAdmin Access Point Change

The DirectAdmin panel has been moved from portal.dangoweb.com to da.dangoweb.com to protect the Portal from DDoS Attacks. This affects all APIs, email accounts, FTP users, and anything using portal.dangoweb.com.

Summer Opportunities

This summer there are a ton of opportunities to help us out.

  • We’re looking for developers to join us in updating our websites (Dango Portal, MyDangoID, etc.) to modern UI standards. Whether static or templated, all sites are currently maintained by our CEO, Faisal, alone. If you’re experienced in HTML and CSS, join us this summer in transforming Dango sites.
  • We will also start making demo template sites with ConjureUp (Beta).
  • Bot Hosting is currently in Beta, we still need someone to create a simple bot to test it out. The control panel for that is coming soon.
  • Migrating Dango Events needs to be done. At least the staff job list should be migrated.
  • We’re planning on creating an onboarding site which will take new users through some steps. After they complete it, they’ll have a DangoID account, Portal account, and everything else needed to get started with DWS.
  • The ConjureUp site needs to be made. We’ve put this off for too long because it’s a giant task that will revolutionize and simplify our work as web developers. Still to come.
  • Minor bug fixes on the Portal.

Let us know if you would like to help us with any of this during this summer, we would appreciate any help. You must be on the staff team as a developer - apply!