📅 Published August 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

Crown Subdomains EOL

We have shut down all subdomains owned by Crown Subdomains and we only offer .served.tk/gq subdomains.


CMSes for new websites created will be available soon. We’ve been working hard to add CMS support to websites we make to give website owners the freedom to edit their own website after the developers make the base site. Through the CMS, you’ll be able to edit every part of your site on all your devices, whenever. It supports basic sites, blog articles, stores, and everything in between. Available for a fee only on paid websites with a backend using our hosting. Interested in beta? Join our Beta Channel on our Discord server for early access. Our homepage and the Portal have successfully been migrated to the new CMS. We are now (hopefully) immune to future DDoS attacks.

.ml TLD Shutdown

Freenom has shut down the .ml TLD unannounced.

While new free domains cannot be registered, if you have any existing ones, they can still be used as normal. It is important to note that Freenom does not have automatic domain renewal. As such, if you fail to renew your free domain two weeks before it expires, it will be seized from you, and potentially lost forever.

There is absolutely nothing we can do, please use a free subdomain from us or buy a domain through us to transfer all data. As Freenom is no longer accepting new domain registrations, you cannot register a new domain either.

Domain Reseller

As there has been absolutely no interest in our Unlimited Domain Reseller product, we have taken it off the Portal and are no longer selling it. We may bring it back in the future if there is interest.

ConjureUp Update

ConjureUp (Beta) will redirect to our CMS, which offers the same features as it would have. Instead of outputting code, it connects to CMS and requires a paid plan. It will not “revolutionize” the work of web developers as planned. ConjureUp (Beta) will be available soon as it needs no real development.