📅 Published December 1st, 2022 by Faisal N

SoarCDN Chat

Looking for a secure messaging service that doesn’t store any of your data? Look no further! Log in to DangoID and navigate to the “Messaging” tab. You may need to log in again for security. From there, users can join or create “servers” that can only be accessed by people with the invite phrase. Invite phrases can be words or sentences including numbers and symbols. Sent messages disappear for new members, keeping old messages private. Your public information is shared with everyone on the server at that time.

Login with Telegram

When creating a DangoID Account, you may choose to signup using Telegram. Your name, username, and profile picture will be the same as what you have on Telegram. If you would like to login with a password, you may add one in the “Edit Account” tab.

DirectAdmin Server Offline

Starting November 18th at around 3:15 PM EST, the DirectAdmin server has been completely offline. We were unable to access the server to run a backup and fix the problem. Using backups from 11/13/22 from 12 AM through 3 AM UTC, we have started to import all data onto new servers. The downtime has been completed on 11/28/22 and downtime credit is being offered to all paid clients that qualify. Check out the devastation on our status page.

Coming Soon: New DangoID Theme

An improved look of the DangoID dashboard is coming soon. The new look will showcase all the features your account unlocks, including DirectAdmin, the DWS Portal, DangoAPI, and more. Included with the new theme is light mode accompanying our new dark mode.

Coming Soon: Homepage Mobile Version

On mobile our homepage cannot be navigated, so we have locked it down. We have tried to fix it, but unfortunately our only option is to create a whole different mobile-friendly version of the site. This version will be updated the same second the desktop version is.

Coming Soon: Conjure

Need a website, fast? Add a simple script to your bare HTML page (no body or head needed) to get a full website template. You may also want to include another script, where you can add your site details, like title, logo, sections, colors, and more - all generated for you on user request. Conjure has been rescheduled for the end of the year.