📅 Published January 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

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ThePizza Studios



Our new virtual currency, Dangos, has been added to the Portal. They can be used to purchase any product listed. You can trade Dangos with other users, buy Dangos with PayPal, redeem codes & invite members for free Dangos.

New look

The Portal underwent updates to improve it’s modern look. Dango count has been added to the header, the checkout has been upgraded to a sleeker look, a DirectAdmin login form has been added to the footer, and our 404 Not Found error page has been updated.

Domain change

We changed our domain from dangoweb.ga to dangoweb.xyz. This created many extensive outages which impacted all of our products.

Server Upgrades

On September 1st, we conducted maintenance for a couple of hours. Web Hosting and Web Hosting Reseller have been upgraded to include more features, one being Git Repos. During this time the DWS Portal, and everything using it, was down. Reports are available on our status page.

Login with Telegram

When creating a DangoID Account, you may choose to signup using Telegram. Your name, username, and profile picture will be the same as what you have on Telegram. If you would like to login with a password, you may add one in the “Edit Account” tab.

Deactivating Guilded

We’ve made the decision to permanently deactivate our Guilded.gg server. Dango Web Solutions will still be available on the platforms listed on dangoweb.com.

DangoAPI Domain change

Along with moving DangoAPI to SoarCDN, we moved our port from to default. All requests and redirects should be sent to api.dangoweb.com.

New services

Soar CDN

We added Soar CDN to The Dango Group and started integrating it with DWS-made websites for free.

WordPress to HTML

We started to offer WordPress pages to HTML conversions, without dynamic plugins. We also minimize it, then hosting it on Soar CDN.

NFT websites

Store a version of your DWS-made websites as a unique non-fungible token. Once your website is published, that version of it is permanently on the web. Additionally, NFT-ing your website protects that version from duplication by others (similar to copyright). At this moment we only process NFT websites as static websites.

Emoji domains

Emoji domains replace regular alphanumeric domains and can be used with all TLDs. Websites should not be hosted on emoji domains, alternatively they should redirect to your main domain. Emoji domains are available on the Portal.

Domain reseller

Domain Reseller allows you to manage your and your client’s domains through Freenom. You’ll also receive top-level free domains at discounted prices, and regular popular domains at cost price. Domain Reseller is available for purchase on the Portal.

Bot Hosting

Host your Discord bot on our servers with 23/7 or 24/7 uptime. Bot Hosting is available for purchase on the Portal.


Call different APIs, including DangoID and Discord, using one centralized API. All routes are pre-made. Visit the homepage here.


Our login system is now available to the public, synchronizing all account data. You can see your account here.

SoarCDN Chat

Our new secure messaging service is now available for DangoID users. It doesn’t store any of your data. Sent messages disappear for new members, keeping old messages private. Your public information is shared with everyone on the server at that time.


VPN failure

Our DangoAPI and Dango Bots servers use a VPN, WARP (, to access the user. With the VPN not available, the system failed. You can view specific information on our status page. This outage reoccurred at the end of December.

DirectAdmin Server Offline

Starting November 18th at around 3:15 PM EST, the DirectAdmin server has been completely offline. We were unable to access the server to run a backup and fix the problem. Using backups from 11/13/22 from 12 AM through 3 AM UTC, we have started to import all data onto new servers. The downtime has been completed on 11/28/22 and downtime credit is being offered to all paid clients that qualify. Check out the devastation on our status page.

Adding Backend

We’re adding backend to our homepage, which will allow for instant data fetching. Instant data fetching with DatoCMS will be available in January 2023.

Moving DangoAPI to SoarCDN

We’re moving DangoAPI to SoarCDN and Vercel to ensure 24/7 uptime.


We launched our dedicated support phone number, and it’s open to all texts and voicemails. You’re guaranteed a text back within 1 business day. You can contact it through Telegram (@DangoWebSolutions), Snapchat (@DangoWeb), or directly at +1 (929)-265-7367.