📅 Published October 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

Custom Nameservers

Resellers now have access to custom nameservers. They can make up to 4 custom nameservers for their clients to use. By default, all users use our default nameservers.

Free Bot Hosting Account Deletion

All previous DirectAdmin accounts using our old Free Bot Hosting plan have been deleted as we have recently introduced Paid Bot Hosting using a proper bot hosting panel, Pterodactyl.

Migration to XenReseller

We have completed migration to XenReseller, which grants us more control over our resellers. With this, web hosting account management will become easier.

Increased Performance

A large amount of code in the Portal and MyDangoID frontend has been moved to the backend to increase performance. Users will see a significant increase in performance the next time they log in.

Log in with Discord & Github

We have added the ability to log in or sign up for DangoID with your existing Github or Discord account, in addition to username/password and Telegram. On MyDangoID account creation your account will be marked as Staff if you have a staff role in our Discord server or if you have access to our Github organization. Logging in with Github and Discord are passwordless options, meaning that we do not store your encrypted password - everything goes through them. Google Account login is coming soon.