📅 Published September 1st, 2022 by Faisal N

DangoAPI Captchas

Need to verify your visitors are really human? Captchas are the new rave, allowing websites to allow only humans through. The trick is to scramble words up, maybe add pictures in the background, or ask to identify or sort objects, While new AI can get through, normal robots can’t. We believe that getting to your content shouldn’t take too much of your time, therefore we created a simple captcha generator, that outputs an image and it’s deciphered text. You can compare the user’s response to the correct answer, and deliver. DangoAPI Captcha is available at “random/captcha”.

VPN failure

Our DangoAPI and Dango Bots servers use a VPN, WARP (, to access the user. With the VPN not available, the system failed. The outage lasted a week, and it is now back up. You can view specific information on our status page.