📅 Published May 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

New Homepage Design

This month we focused on creating and developing a new homepage design. The new design features new layouts on all sections and is more accessible than the old website design as it does not have multiple sliding sections. The design is shown in the image above.

New Homepage Design

New Homepage Design


We have decided to remove CAPTCHA and bot protection from our Discord server, as these have been automatically implemented by Discord’s new security and CAPTCHA requirements. Additionally, all new users will be auto-verified upon joining the server.

Removing Free Reseller

As an effort to make money, we have removed the option to purchase Free Reseller Web Hosting. If you had a reseller DangoID account with us, it has been downgraded to a customer account.

DangoAPI Discord Server Online Members & Counts

In favor of the newly added /discord/server/{guild_id}/members and /discord/server/{guild_id}/members/online endpoints showing members in a guild, the below endpoints have moved. /discord/server/{guild_id}/members ➡️ /discord/server/{guild_id}/members/count /discord/server/{guild_id}/members/online ➡️ /discord/server/{guild_id}/members/count/online