📅 Published December 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

New Portal Theme

We’ve released our new Portal theme! With new backgrounds, designs, and features the Portal is looking sharp. Minor fixes will be published over the coming week. Take a look for yourself over at https://portal.dangoweb.com/!

New Dango Portal - Homepage

New Dango Portal - Homepage

New Dango Portal - Newest Arrivals

New Dango Portal - Newest Arrivals

New Dango Portal - Product Page

New Dango Portal - Product Page

New Dango Portal - Footer

New Dango Portal - Footer

New Dango Portal - Search

New Dango Portal - Search

Coming Soon: Lockdown Mode!

Remotely lock pages on your DWS-made website with a password or PIN. This instantly locks pages and restricts access at the frontend, blocking users from seeing the page content. You will able to integrate your own system using DangoAPI, or use the DangoAPI bot for Discord and Telegram to do this remotely. Only the owner or Workspace administrator of the website will be able to use this feature. Available soon for new DWS-made Node.js webapps.

Server Upgrades

Along with new server upgrades, we have updated our IP to! Everything has been migrated and nameservers are working again. The new server has improved networking, increased DDoS protection, NVMe SSD storage, and a much more powerful Ryzen CPU. Client sites and files should be served faster and smoother now. Server location has been moved to United States. Check it out!

Failed Switch Upgrade

The outage log for this update is available here.

An upstream network issue affecting the entire network has appeared, and we were informed that our server provider was doing a switch upgrade that had failed.

New DangoAPI Endpoints

/discord/server/{guild_id}/channels — Fetch the channels in your Discord Server.

/discord/server/{guild_id}/channels/{channel_id} — Fetch a specific channel in your Discord Server.

/discord/server/{guild_id}/channels/{channel_id}/messages — Fetch a specific channel in your Discord Server’s messages.

Read more at the DangoAPI documentation: /dangoapi/endpoints#server-channels

Coming 2024: Affiliates & Gold Dangos!

Refer users to us, and for every purchase they make on the Portal, you’ll receive Gold Dangos, which, unlike regular Dangos, can be used to buy Domains, Bot Hosting, Game Hosting, and other paid services.

The user must sign up using Discord, Google, or another provider to ensure that the user is not an alternative account. A purchase must be made in the first 2 days of account creation and they must have entered your affiliate code beforehand.

Users are only allowed to enter one affiliate code each, and purchases made for MyDangoID Workspaces are not counted. Gold Dangos may be shared within MyDangoID Workspaces.

You may manage your invite links, affiliate codes, and Gold Dangos from your Affiliate Dashboard. Gold Dangos will not be attainable through events and giveaways. The Domain Reseller program will also be a way to gain Gold Dangos.

Cyber Monday Deals

Use code “cyber23” on the DWS Portal to get $2 off your order. Expires 12/4/23. Maximum 1 per user.

Staff Changes

Today we say goodbye to our staff member, acetherico. He has quit our business in order to pursue his own. I’m sure we can all say that it has been a nice time with him here. We will be losing the most active and valuable staff member we have ever had. He merged Erebus Hosting with Dango Web Solutions, bringing Bot Hosting and Game Hosting along. Thank you for your work and dedication, you will be greatly missed.

Game Hosting Planned Shutdown

Due to the number of members who have purchased Game Hosting, we may shut it down to drastically cut costs. Bot Hosting will still be available but at reduced specifications, as nobody has bought that either. If anyone plans on buying Game Hosting or Bot Hosting, please do it before we shut Game Hosting down. Thank you.