📅 Published November 1st, 2022 by Faisal N

DangoID Login/Signup

Integrating DangoID with DangoAPI

DangoID was added to DangoAPI to provide a way for us to internally get user and live session data. Live session data will be used in the future to log in to all of our domains automatically. User data does not include passwords or API Keys. This data is available on our new Public Profile page, below.

DangoID Public Profile

DangoID Public Profile

All existing users with a DangoID Account can access and share their public profile with their URL https://my.dangoweb.com/@username. “username” can be replaced with any DangoID username or Discord ID to get the user’s public profile picture and Discord Account. Support for public and private fields is scheduled for the end of the year.

DangoID with Dark Mode

Dark Mode for DangoID

DangoID now has Dark Mode by default, on the Dashboard and Public Profile. Light Mode is coming soon.

Coming Soon: Conjure

Need a website, fast? Add a simple script to your bare HTML page (no body or head needed) to get a full website template. You may also want to include another script, where you can add your site details, like title, logo, sections, colors, and more - all generated for you on user request. Conjure has been rescheduled for the end of the year.

Coming Soon: Dango Messaging

Looking for a secure messaging service that doesn’t keep your data? Dango Messaging may be what you’re looking for. Log in to DangoID and navigate to the “Messaging” tab to get a Discord-looking page. From there, users can join or create “servers” that can only be accessed by people with the code. A good feature of Dango Messaging is that sent messages disappear for new members that join, keeping your old messages private to the max. The username and Public Profile page are shared with everyone on the server at that time.

Coming Soon: Login with Discord & Telegram

Soon you’ll be able to link your Discord & Telegram accounts to DangoID, allowing you to log in to and signup for DangoID with them. When signing up with those accounts, we’ll use the name you use on that platform. You can always change it in the “Edit Account” section in DangoID. After linking the accounts, you cannot go back or change the account ID manually.

Halloween Discounts

This Halloween, use code “halloween22” on the DWS Portal to get 22 🍡 Dangos. Expires 10/23/22. Maximum 1 per user.