📅 Published July 1st, 2022 by Faisal N

DangoAPI v6

DangoAPI takes your product to the next level, bringing your viewers live information on demand. In this release: new APIs, endpoints, and features. We’ve added DangoAPI accounts, and DangoAPI keys, which give you access to your account. API keys also give you access to protected endpoints, and you can use your account data to prefill your request. Newly added APIs include Better Uptime, Uptime Robot, and Redirect & Track. Learn more about DangoAPI and how you can use it in your product at https://api.dangoweb.com/. Check out the documentation at /docs/dangoapi.

Domain change

This month we have changed our domain, from dangoweb.ga to dangoweb.com. This created many long outages, that impacted all of our products. Everything is working now, and you can check the downtime at https://status.dangoweb.com/. If you spot any old links leading to dangoweb.ga, let us know.