📅 Published November 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

Partner Merge

Our good partner, Erebus Hosting, has decided to merge with Dango Web Solutions. Erebus Hosting has offered cheap Bot and Game Hosting for our clients as well as theirs, however, they realized that the journey to becoming a web host is long, and have decided to merge with us. We welcome Erebus Hosting and its clients, and we will match all prices for customers.

Client DDoS Attacks

We have experienced hours of downtime this month due to DDoS attacks on clients. Our providers are working on upgrading their servers, and this should be completed by the end of the year. This upgrade should eliminate these issues and boost performance. If nothing changes after our provider upgrades their servers, we’ll switch to our new partner for hosting.

Halloween Promotions Event

Calling all graphic designers & creatives! This Halloween, we’re looking to increase advertising on social media. We need a few advertisements suitable for Instagram, X, Reddit, and Discord. In order to do so, we’ll be hosting a contest to see who can create the best advertisement cover images for us this season!

Advertisements must be Halloween-themed, orange-red-black colored, and spooky - but not too scary, we want to catch the viewers’ eyes, not scare them away. The advertisements must be in the form of a still image or short repeated (looped) animated photo and should include our business name, website, tagline, logo, etc. 3D images are recommended. Advertisements should not mention any other business.

To win the contest, you must enter and submit by Halloween night (10/31/23) - that’s 6 days from now! Winners will be selected by staff and will be rewarded with Dangos. As a reminder, 100 Dangos = $1.00 USD, and can only be redeemed on our Portal for our services. Prizes depend on the number of participants entered into the competition. Prizes are cut by 10 if less than 5 people enter, so invite your friends to join and start some competition! If we get over 5 participants, the top prize will be starting at 1500 Dangos!

1st Place ----- 1500 Dangos 2nd Place ---- 1400 Dangos 3rd Place ---- 1300 Dangos 4th Place ---- 1200 Dangos 5th Place ---- 1100 Dangos 6th Place ---- 1000 Dangos 7th Place ----- 500 Dangos 8th Place ----- 250 Dangos 9th Place ----- 100 Dangos 10th Place ----- 50 Dangos

Each of your submitted works counts as its own entry - if you submit over 10 amazing pieces and win all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th places, you’ll win 8400 Dangos! That’s equivalent to $84.00 USD!

We look forward to all the entries! Good luck to all, and we hope you have fun designing for us this Halloween!

Halloween Discounts

Happy Halloween! This season, use code “halloween23” on the DWS Portal to get $1 off your order. Expires 11/10/23. Maximum 1 per user.

Coming 2024: Dango Web Solutions for Education

Educational organizations, upon verifying validity, will receive free Web Hosting Reseller for administration, and free Web Hosting for teachers and students.

  • Administration can manage teachers and students, and also can set up a website for themselves.
  • Teachers can link a single domain and manage student websites and files, while students have access to their own website under their teacher’s domain.
  • Individual students will receive Web Hosting with no limits from teachers.

Contact us to see if you’re eligible. Automatic verification will be available through the MyDangoID dashboard. All plans are limited. Available only in the USA.