📅 Published August 1st, 2022 by Faisal N

DangoAPI v7

DangoAPI takes your product to the next level, bringing your viewers live information on demand. In this release: Soar CDN and DangoAPI working together to build live NodeJS and Python web-apps. Using this new feature, you can store your API Keys (for DangoAPI or other) in Soar CDN and launch your site in DangoAPI without revealing the keys in your public code. This feature will appear in DangoAPI v7, along with other neat additions.

DangoID in action

Finally, a full preview of what DangoID is and what it can do. In this demo, users input their DangoID username in the URL, and it outputs account information from DangoAPI, Dango Portal, and Discord. This implementation uses plain HTML, JS, & CSS from DWS Discord Core template (coming soon) and uses DangoAPI to fetch Discord and Dango Portal user data. Take a look at it here: https://dangoweb.com/user/dangoweb.

New Portal look

This month we refreshed the look of the DWS Portal by switching the theme to a more rounded one. Everything has this change - header, footer, checkout, etc..

Summer offers

Looking for some discounts to start deploying your site? All throughout this summer you can use the code “summer22” on the DWS Portal to get 222 🍡 Dangos (~2.22),andusethesamecodefor222.22), and use the same code for 22% off your order of 22 or more. Expires 9/1/22. Maximum 1 per user. On top of this, new referrals now reward 🍡 Dangos. For every 1 person you refer, you earn 1 🍡 Dango in your Portal account. If the user pays for anything in the future, you earn half of the amount they paid in 🍡 Dangos. 🍡 Dangos can be used to buy products on the Portal. This is a permanent offer.