📅 Published June 1st, 2022 by Faisal N

May Monthly Newsletter

May Monthly Newsletter

Domain reseller

If we have Web Hosting reseller, why not Domain Reseller? Domains are an extremely vital part of connecting your website on your web hosting to the world. With Domain Reseller, you can manage your and your client’s domains through a trusted provider, Freenom. You’ll also receive top-level free domains at discounted prices, and regular popular domains at cost price. Domain Reseller is available for purchase on the Dango Portal.

Bot Hosting

Do you have a Discord bot you’ve been working on? Have you added it to your server, but your members are always complaining that when they go to use it, it’s always offline? That’s where Bot Hosting comes in! Dango Web Solutions offers two hosting plans with different uptimes. Our free plan, has 23/7 uptime so your members will almost always see your bot online. If you would like 24/7 uptime, that’s paid. Check both plans out on the Dango Portal.


We’ve begun constructing an API for Dango Web Solutions products! You will be able to add it to your product very easily, with only a couple lines of code needed, all pre-made for you. To start, you’ll need an “ID”. This is the unique identification string for your DWS product. Next, pick which API you would like to use. At this moment, DangoAPI has the Discord API. Then, pick from what you would like to get. For example, a call would be this: https://api.dangoweb.com/discord/dangoweb/allmembers. This gets the number of members (allmembers) in the Dango Web Solutions (dangoweb) Discord server (discord). You can contact support to help you with setting it up for your DWS product. Lots more coming soon! Check out DangoAPI here.

That’s it for this month, see you next time!