📅 Published April 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

New Dango Portal

The maintenance log for this update is available here.

The Portal saw numerous fatal errors after migration to our new provider, and we saw fit to transform the Portal into a fast web app instead of a bulky WordPress installation. Databases and DangoID SSO were added. All orders and user accounts have been migrated, and orders can be found in their MyDangoID account dashboard. We reset all passwords, please contact support to set a new password immediately. This downtime has lasted for over a month, and we are actively working to restore the previous user experience.

Beta Channel

As we start rolling out new products and features throughout the year, the first ones to get access will be our beta testers. With exclusive access to pre-releases and development versions of our homepage, Portal, and API, they’ll help us grow by pointing out flaws and sections we can improve upon before pushing them out to the public. The Beta Tester role is now available to pick up on our Discord server.