📅 Published May 1st, 2022 by Faisal N

April Monthly Newsletter

April Monthly Newsletter

NFT websites

Publish your DWS-made website - websites fully created and managed by us - to the world as a unique non-fungible token. Once your website is published, that version of it is permanently on the web. You can use this as a way to version your website. Additionally, NFT-ing your website protects that version from duplication by others (similar to copyright). At this moment we only process NFT websites as static websites. If you would like your dynamic website (WordPress, Next.js, etc.) converted into a static site, contact us. Our service, “WordPress to HTML”, can convert it for you (explained in our the last issue). You then can turn it into an NFT website. You can see a past version of our homepage at https://net.dangoweb.com/. You can get an NFT website from us on the Portal. Make sure to include your DWS-made site ID on the checkout page.

Emoji domains

Emoji domains have been introduced and are becoming increasingly popular over the months. They can replace regular alphanumeric domains and can be used with all TLDs. The recommended usage of emoji domains is redirecting it to another, regular domain. Alternatively, you can setup a whole different website on the domain - although it’s not recommended because lots of social media do not accept these as profile links. An example of emoji domains is over at https://🍡🕸.ga/, which redirects to https://dangoweb.com/. You can get an emoji domain from us on the checkout page on the Portal.

Coming Soon: Domain reseller

We’ve launched our Web Hosting reseller plan, but what about registering domains for customers? They’re a extremely vital part of connecting web hosting to the world. Domain reselling will be separate from regular reseller, and you can manage domains through a trusted provider, Freenom. You’ll receive top-level free domains at discounted prices, and regular popular domains at cost price.