📅 Published June 1st, 2023 by Faisal N

Password Resets

Users can now request a password reset via email if they ever get locked out of their DangoID account. This is to ensure privacy and that no passwords are sent over chats to staff. Password resets are now available on MyDangoID.

Longer Session Duration

Tired of re-entering your login details on Dango Portal or MyDangoID too frequently? We’ve changed the session expiration time from 10 minutes to 1 day, allowing you to place your order or manage your account in peace.

DDoS Attack

The outage log for this update is available here.

We have suffered a DDoS Attack that has taken down all main websites using the CMS. The attack consisted of repeated requests, using up our plan quota, which resulted in an error for all main sites. User websites, data, and DirectAdmin panel were not affected. A few days later, the attackers pushed with more DDoS attacks, and we shut down the websites and backend for DangoWeb, The Dango Group, and MyDangoID. We have identified the threat as a Level 7 DDoS Attack, and have enabled protection to counter it. We migrated all sites and backend to DirectAdmin, and they are up and running. All sites have recovered as of June 1st, 2023. MyDangoID will start working as soon as the DDoS Attack is finished. The attacker’s public post on the subject is here.