📅 Published April 1st, 2024 by Faisal N

Log in with Google

We have added the ability to log in or sign up for DangoID with your existing Google account, in addition to username/password, Telegram, Github, and Discord. Logging in with Google is a passwordless option, meaning that we do not store your encrypted password - everything goes through them.

Shared Apps

Webapps can now be shared to multiple subdomains. The same instance can be used to route to subdomains, like portal.dangoweb.com and my.dangoweb.com, from one main app. This can be useful for extending rate limits to the entire network and keeping the current session user login - no need to sign in again. This will be incorporated into our websites in the future for simpler signon. This is only available for apps hosted on the same domain. If you have multiple webapps hosted at DWS and DWS-made, open a ticket to merge them into one instance. All apps need to be under the same domain as subdomains, and you must have space for subdomains on your account.