📅 Published January 1st, 2024 by Faisal N

Limited Reseller Web Hosting

We have released our limited version of Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting. The plan has been priced at $5/mo and $35/yr, and has lower limits compared to our Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting plan. The account has the ability to resell web hosting user accounts on DirectAdmin. For custom adjustments, create a ticket.

Users = 20
Disk Space = 15 GB
Bandwidth = 15 GB
Email Accounts = 100
Databases = 100
Domains = 20
Subdomains = 50
FTP Accounts = 50
Inode = ∞
Forwarders = 5
Mailing Lists = 5
Autoresponders = 100
Control Panel = DirectAdmin

Check it out here!

Rate Limits

We have introduced rate limiting to our entire ecosystem, which will drastically reduce the impact of future DDoS, DoS, and similar attacks. Rate limiting applies to everything, including requests to our IP and DangoAPI. The new rate limit is generous, abusing our systems will get your IP automatically banned. If rate limiting is the reason your connection to the CMS is failing, create a ticket so we can whitelist your website.

Reviews Moving to Trustpilot

We’re requesting all new reviews be made on Trustpilot over at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/dangoweb.com instead of on our reviews channel on Discord. All reviews will end up displayed on our website, but it builds our needed reputation in the web hosting and website creation industry.

New CMS Theme

We upgraded our CMS theme! Enjoy a new glassy view while managing your website - available now.

New CMS Theme - Dark Mode

New CMS Theme - Dark Mode

New CMS Theme - Light Mode

New CMS Theme - Light Mode

Holiday Raffle

Happy holidays! Despite the low amount of customers we have had this year, we decided to have a raffle this season. In previous years we have offered free $5 gift cards for all who enter, however this year we have upped the prize, lowered winning chances, and entries now cost!

Entry cost: $5/entry, max 5 entries per person
Prize: $45 Gift Card of your choice to online stores, restaurants, or Mastercard*
Draw: 12/23/23, just before Christmas and New Years in case you need to run and get some final gifts
Winners: 1, we don’t have that much to spend this year
Minimum entries: 10**
This year entries are not limited to only the United States! Anyone can enter as long as their country is on our list. Please check with us to make sure you can enter.
If the winner wishes, the $45 can be exchanged 4500 Dangos, valid for products in the Dango Portal.***
*The list of stores is limited, and gift card choices vary for each country. Card expiry may vary for cards, please ask us before choosing.
**If the final number of entries is below 10, you will be refunded. PayPal may charge a transfer and refund fee, we do not set this.
***Only allowed for products in the Dango Portal with Pay With Dangos enabled. For other products, pick Mastercard and use it to pay via PayPal.

In the end we had no entries, but it was a great raffle. We will be doing more in the future. The gift card was redeemed and verified to be valid and working.