📅 Published March 1st, 2024 by Faisal N

Wise Payment Gateway

We now accept international payments through Wise. If PayPal isn’t your preferred way to pay, payment through Wise is now available. Subscriptions (Web Hosting, CMS, etc.) will not be available as Wise does not support this. Higher fees and exchange rates apply.

New DangoAPI Endpoints

POST /cms/{site_id} — Fetch public CMS site data, private by default.

Read more at the DangoAPI documentation: /dangoapi/endpoints#cms

Public CMS API Access

The new addition of public CMS access on DangoAPI allows for websites to integrate with CMS data using static websites instead of larger bulky Node.js web apps. Using the public API exposes website data, ensure site content does not include API keys or passwords.

Freenom Shutting Down?

Popular free domain Freenom was recently exposed for selling and distributing domains for free, against world TLD terms. They started with their .ml and .ga TLDs being forcibly removed. Just today, we received an alert telling us that all domains registered on Freenom have been cancelled and can no longer be reviewed. This was not formally announced by Freenom, they have yet to say anything in this topic. Additionally, existing domains have been marked as pending, which may mean pending deletion from the system.

CMS Temporary Login

When we first create your CMS account, and when you request a password reset, we will send you a temporary key instead of your password. This key can be used when selecting the Temporary Login tab on the CMS login page. Once you gain access to your account, reset your password immediately to reset your temporary key.

CMS Terms Update

A notice has been posted on the CMS for a few months now about violation of ToS. Those terms will be updated soon to include the CMS and Website & Bot Commissions. Violation of any terms will result in site deactivation. CMS is also considered a service with us, so leaving this server (whether voluntary or forced) will lead to immediate deletion.

Pay with Crypto

Cryptocurrency payments are back! On orders of $10 or more, you may choose to pay with Crypto instead of USD. Create a ticket to pay. Added double gas fees apply. Successful transactions only. We are not responsible for any crypto lost during exchange.

New Nameservers

We have deployed new nameservers, ns1.dangoweb.com and ns2.dangoweb.com. Our old nameservers will still work normally for existing users. All new users will be set to these nameservers.